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  • Simply put, a digital attraction can help leisure and attraction industry professionals – such as trampoline parks, FEC’s, soft play locations, fitness clubs as well as hotels and resorts – become successful and stay relevant for their millennial and centennial visitors. However, a digital attractions can no longer be simple, but need to entertain one or more people for longer periods of time, while generating repeat visits.

    Enhance Repeatability and Play-Value

    It’s quite obvious that a digital attraction has the potential to be a lot more beneficial than an analogue one in ensuring repeatability and high play–value. However, what should be taken into consideration when deciding what kind of digital attraction to choose? And even more so, what are the exact product or service features that make sure that you will gain fast ROI and have a steady stream of new and current customers walking through your doors??To dive deeper into this subject, we asked for an expert’s opinion. Lucky for us, we did not need to go far to get it.?Thanks to his?strong background and experience in digital interaction technologies and international business from a combination of both academia and industry, our own CEO and founder of Valo Motion,?Dr. Raine Kajastila, is considered a?specialist in digital attraction technologies.

    “We set out to design games and applications that would be enjoyable and entertaining for everybody to play. By creating high quality products that are full of fun games and easy to use, we have managed to create attractions that generate clear benefits, like high repeatability and play-value, for the location owners. At the end of the day, when designing Valo Motion products, an exceptional gaming experience is all that matters, while making sure that our products are worth the investment. ”
    Dr. Raine Kajastila
    The CEO and founder of Valo Motion

    So, what is there to gain when upgrading analogue structures, such as climbing walls and trampolines to have a digital dimension?

    Read the article to find out:

    • why and how to choose a digital attraction over an analogue one

    • which features help to increase repeatability and grow play-value

    • what locations are digital attractions best suited for

    • what are the next trends for the digital attraction industries.

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