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  • Plenty of Games to Suit Everybody

    ValoClimb comes with several thrilling interactive games preinstalled and new content is developed actively. This means that the system stays fresh and players have more games and features to enjoy each time they come back. We update your unit via our cloud service to save your time.

    All our games have multiple difficulty levels from beginner to more advanced players. You can adjust the game area height in some games too. This makes ValoClimb suitable for almost anyone regardless of age, size, fitness and skill level. The games compel climbers to keep playing and improving their strength, balance, agility and endurance in the process.

    Evan small children can play Climball because game area can be adjusted
    Astromani is exiting climbing game

    Click the link below to download print-ready product leaflet:

    Create Your Own Content

    What is super cool, is that ValoClimb is the first system to allow use generated content in extreme sports. You can create your own levels and problems to suit your skill level. Check out Augmented Problems and Sparks!


    Pop as many balloons as you like!
    Read more


    Shadow interaction
    Read more


    Speed climbing made fun.
    Read more

    Augmented Problems

    Route creation, sharing and climbing with video feedback.
    Read more


    Gamified endurance trainer and all-round fun bat splatting.
    Read more


    Shockingly enjoyable mazes with static and moving levels.
    Read more


    Engaging two-player ballgame with both competitive and co-operative game modes.
    Read more


    Save the world from blazing fireballs.
    Read more

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