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  • Bring Lost Shadowlings Home by Using Just Your Shadow

    Shadowlings is now available for ValoClimb?, the world’s first augmented climbing wall. In fact, ValoClimb is a game platform that comes with several interactive games.

    Shadowlings can be played up to four players. The game introduces many brand new technological advancements to the ValoClimb system allowing the players to interact with these fluffy fellows just by using their own shadow. ?

    Our cute Shadowlings seem to have gotten lost in the Shadow realm. You can use your own shadow to nudge, carry and fling the creatures across dozens of levels. However, the task is not as simple as it might seem. So a word of caution, you also need to figure out the puzzles as quickly as possible and compete against other players on the leaderboards.?As is true for all of our games, after each game the player can share their game videos on social media by using the touchscreen that come with ValoClimb system

    Click the link below to download the product leaflet:

    How it Works:

    The game is designed for entry-level climbers that want to work together and solve climbing challenges. It’s perfect for parents to play with their children or small groups of friends. The experience of working together and helping each other is a first for ValoClimb games so far.

    “We listened to the family entertainment venue owners and made the new game perfect for the parks. The game is played in short 2–3 minute sessions, so that as many people as possible get to try the game out during the day."
    Dr. Raine Kajastila?
    CEO of Valo Motion

    Many people actually do get to try it as the game technically works with a maximum of 4?players. We still recommend to play with 2 adults or 3 children at a time for the safest and most fun experience. It also works perfectly as a single player climbing challenge and you will find yourself exhausted after completing hard difficulty levels on your own.

    The game introduces many brand new technological advancements to the ValoClimb system. First of all, we made a custom tracking system that detects the players’ shadows on the wall. It creates a new level of freedom to the interactions. Whether you are touching the wall or swinging your hand while hanging from a hold, your shadow is all that matters. Second, our awesome game developers added an exact and responsive physics simulation system that drives the whole game experience. Even the quickest of movements send the creatures flying off exactly where the players want to. Third, we made creatures that feel alive and love to interact with the player. From their facial expressions to their fur, everything reacts to what the players do. Shadowlings can even be tickled, they love it, you’ll see!

    All these new advancements will be used for future games on both ValoClimb and the trampoline game platform ValoJump to make new exciting experiences.

    Where Can I Play?

    Shadowlings became globally available for all?ValoClimb units in December 2019. ValoClimb can already be found in over 230 different locations around the world. In addition to the existing units, Shadowlings will naturally be pre-installed in all new ValoClimb units.

    Click the link below to contact our Sales Dept.

    What Our Clients Say about ValoClimb

    “We have had 5 Augmented Climbing Walls and our customers love them.

    The system has been really easy to operate and is one of our most popular attractions. We have already ordered more systems for new locations.”


    “Amazing product and?service. Set up was very easy (considering what is being done) and the quality of materials and measurements was very high.

    Online support was amazing. The way you all quickly answered emails, and took over the unit to calibrate it and make it work was awesome. Made our lives way easier”


    “I think Augmented Climbing Wall is great and so user friendly! We get a lot of usage for it and our members love it.”


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