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  • Race Your Friends in Skytails Race!

    We have created a brand new two-player interactive trampoline game, where each player jumps on a trampoline while ValoVision? tracking system places the jumpers inside the same game. In short, the players play a game while engaging in a fun exercise. Skytails Race is designed for our award winning interactive trampoline game setup – ValoJump?.?

    Our game developers decided to create this two-player game to add more social and competitive content to the?ValoJump game platform and expand the two-player game offering. Our first two-player game is called Super Stomp. Super Stomp setup was awarded in the Best New Product category at the Brass Ring Awards 2019 ceremony.

    Click the link below to download the product leaflet:

    How it Works:

    Skytails Race is played on two adjacent ValoJump trampolines. When the players step on the trampoline they simply start the game by each jumping and selecting the “2 players 2 trampolines” button. The ValoJumps will then connect the players automatically.

    The rules of the game are simple: Tree branches and little islets work as steps up when the players battle each other by racing to the top. Whoever arrives first, wins the race!?

    “Skytails Race – much like all Valo Motion designed and created games – merges real world physical movement with a game world. This two-player trampoline game was designed to be an escape to a fantasy world where the players can feel like they have super powers, soaring through different environments while they simultaneously learn to control their trampoline jumping and get a workout without even noticing it. The two-player mode now aims to turn this experience into an intense competitive race. “
    Lauri Lehtonen
    Lead Developer for ValoJump

    In addition to this two-player game, each ValoJump? game platform comes with 6 entertaining games and training applications, including a single player version for Skytails.

    Click the link below to download the product leaflet for ValoJump, our interactive trampoline game platform:

    Where Can I Play?

    Much like Super Stomp, Skytails Race is also available in every location with two or more ValoJump installations. Currently that means over 50 locations and nearly 20 countries around the world. Please check the map below for more details.

    ValoJump is a prime example of a digital attraction that generates fast ROI and encourages return customers through significant repeatability and high play-value. Furthermore, this interactive trampoline game platform presents the park owners with the opportunity to conduct data driven business decisions. Meaning that the game platform comes with cloud service that allows the park owners access user data, analytics and control the video memories that are shared to customers.

    “ValoJump is a 12/10 product and 100 % worth the investment"
    Stacja Grawitacja, Trampoline Park

    Let's have a chat!

    Contact our Sales Team to find out more about our interactive game platforms. Let’s discuss how our products can help you to achieve fast ROI, drive in new customers and gain revisits from your current customers!?

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