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  • ValoJump is a hygienic product, especially when taking all the necessary steps. Most importantly Valojump is played one person at the time, so there is automatically physical distancing between people. In addition, no wearables, like harnesses, headsets or controllers are needed. Meaning that ValoJump saves you from having to unnecessarily clean appliances. In order to further improve?the cleanliness of your ValoJump unit, we have put together some?sanitation instructions for you.

    In addition, ValoJump adapts to your current situation. We have also listed different ways how you can customise the use of your unit to better fit your needs. Whether you would like to render?ValoJump completely touchless or to use?the in-build marketing tools for example to remind your visitors to wash their hands.

    We have kept our ears and eyes open for the latest industry guidelines on how to act on these unprecedented times. We put together instructions on how to best keep your product clean and to?offer safer playing experiences to your ValoJump users. We have gathered hereunder some advice on how to improve the cleanliness of our products and how to prevent infections from spreading. Feel free to use the information as you best see fit.?Our current customers can also?contact our?Customer Support?for more information.?

    DISCLAIMER: Always follow local regulations, recommendations and procedures regarding cleaning and disinfection. Do not use these instructions if they contradict local regulations.


    • Make sure hand sanitizer is readily available at the touch screen of the system
    • Guide users to use hand sanitizer both before and after using the touch screen
    • Set up a queuing system that routes people coming to the ValoJump system and leaving the ValoJump system in different directions
    • Make sure there is enough distance between each person queuing up to the system

    ValoJump hardware

    • Disinfect the touch screen regularly
      • Dampen a new clean, non-abrasive cloth with either diluted bleach or Isopropyl alcohol (see specific information below). Ensure excess liquid is squeezed from the cloth.
        • Household bleach solution?
          • 1/3 cup of bleach per gal. of water or
          • 1 tablespoon per 1 liter of water
        • Isopropyl alcohol (≤ 70% alcohol)
    • Disinfect and clean the trampoline padding and bed regularly
      • Cleaning procedure depends on the material of the padding and bed, do not use alcohol or bleach before checking with your trampoline supplier on what cleaning procedure should be used for your specific product!
      • Use of bleach or alcohol on materials not suited with these liquids can cause damage to the material!
      • Our Support Team is here to help you with any questions or comments you may have. Please visit?our support website?for more information and support.

    Touchless use

    The ValoJump can be set up for completely touchless use, but doing this will render video sending and highscore functionality out of use.

    If you want to set up your system for touchless use, tape a paper sign over the touch screen. This paper sign should include a text “Touch screen not in use. Start playing by moving on to the trampoline”

    Note: Do not turn the touch screen off at any time, as this will prevent the system from starting normally.

    Other sources of information

    We would like to remind you to always follow all local regulations, recommendations and procedures.

    Please see the links below for more information and helpful articles:

    ValoJump adapts to your needs

    ValoJump enables touchless use

    ValoJump is essentially a big screen with a motion tracking camera. The player simply hops on a trampoline and the ValueVision? tracking system places a mirror image of the player into a game world. Unlike many VR appliances, ValoJump allows unattended operation, and requires no wearables or preparation time, keeping the product more hygienic. Furthermore, thanks to the ValoVision tracking system and the game design, the players don’t have to touch anything in order to start or to end the game. The game and level selection is also done without any physical contact with the product.

    In addition, the award winning ValoJump dual setup enables two-player games – like Super Stomp and Skytails Race – that are played on two adjacent ValoJump trampolines. When the players step on the trampoline they simply start the game by each jumping and selecting the “2 players 2 trampolines” button. The ValoJumps will then connect the players automatically. This means that the players can keep a good distance from each other, while still appearing together in the same game world. To find out how to go touchless, click here.

    If your visitors use the touchscreens, they will have the opportunity share their game videos and highscores online.?Still?physical distancing?to the location staff is made possible since the visitors can use the product independently through its easy to use touchscreen.?To find out what else is included in ValoJump, click the link below to download the product leaflet:

    Finally, ValoJump comes with in-build marketing tools. You can show image or video ads in between the games or when the unit is not in use or when it enters the screensaver mode. This ad tool gives you the opportunity to tell your visitors about special promotions, events or for example let them know how you have insured their safety and comfort.?

    The in-build marketing tool is just one of the ways how ValoJump can help you?enhance?repeatability. Get in touch with our Sales Team to find out how ValoJump can help you?achieve fast ROI, drive in new customers and gain revisits from your current customers.

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